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Welcome to Fiskardo Restaurant situated inside Fairlop Waters set in one of the largest Country Parks.
You will be enthralled by the service we offer, exuberant sense of great hospitality and the authentic Greek restaurant environment.
As you settle into the Greek authentic atmosphere, our always attentive waiters will provide you Greek pitta bread, olives and a selection of  Greek dips whilst perusing the menu.

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Party Night

Book your personal functions in our restaurant suites. There are suites from twenty five persons and cater up to 250 individuals.

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Fiscardo Restaurant is family owned and was established in January 2009 Fairlop Waters Essex.

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We are able to accommodate for over four hundred individuals to create your unforgettable wedding day and make it a memorable event .

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Ideal for your private party including Hen Nights, Christening, Birthdays, Celebrations etc.



We arrange for your guests to enjoy a Special Night Out at one of our Greek Nights when a special Menu is available with enticing food at an affordable price.
You and your guests will join other groups in indulging in a typical night of authentic food and entertainment.


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Private Parties

Fiskardo restaurant private functions or parties  are always welcome. We take special care to meet all your requirements. A celebration cake can be provided, a welcoming banner, even play your own music, provide special music, or book another form of entertainment on your behalf.

The Cuisine

Fiskardo restaurant Essex has highly experienced chefs, who prepare meals using the best, high-quality ingredients to guarantee consistency.

Our Fiskardo restaurant does not compromise when it comes to serving great food. Setting high standards when it comes to the food quality is important, and it is also important to ensure that customers get the same quality every time.

Fiskardo restaurant is about food coming from a place of passion and quality onto your plate. Serving a blend of Greek delicacies with a homely touch that is prepared daily by our experienced chefs in a fully licensed kitchen with the finest and freshest ingredients.

We create a good impression, and a clean space will encourage our customers to sit and anticipate a great meal. Our restaurant promises to offer something that is not available elsewhere. Fiskardo is different, and every one of our services is the best.

Fiskardo Restaurant CUISINE

At Fiskardo restaurant we ensure that you absorb not only a genuine essence of the authentic life, its food, its wine, its culture, but of equal importance the very passion of the Greek people themselves. Our dishes are authentically oven cooked or grilled over charcoal.

Fiskardo restaurant atmosphere includes the decor, comfortable seating, background music, openness, and the lighting. Fiskardo restaurant is also fully air-conditioned.

Large groups welcome! Please Book Early.

Fiskardo Greek cuisine Restaurant Menu

Fiskardo cuisine Menu

Is also Available Tuesday to Friday from Midday until 5.00pm.




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Fiskardo Greek Restaurant
Fairlop Waters, Forest Rd, Ilford IG6 3HN
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-24:00